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In the ancient days almost all the people are doing some kind of a business but they do not know that they are doing a great thing in that time period. The people who are making this kind of business are called as business man. The people making business in the local place is called as local business man. There3 are many king of business available in the world. Business can be made through several ways like partnership, individual, solo business and so on. In that the solo business is a trade that is owned by the single person and operates for their own profit. This is not shared with any other person as the business is run by an individual person. For this the owner of the business can get some employees for the development of the business and provide them some salary. The assets created due to the business are only for the owning person not for any one and the assets are not divided to anyone.

Types of business in the world

There are many business people in the world but there are many kind of business style in the world. The type of business include public limited company, limited company, limited partnership, chartered company, statutory company, holding company, subsidiary company, and so on. The partnership kind of a business is owned by two or more people in the form of partner. For this the partners will make the share in the company or the business and get the profit and share the profit as well. Here at least they have great comfortable zone like as they can get the help and share the ideas and the problems together and solve the issues.

The other thing is the corporation here the owner of the corporation have a limited liability and the business has a separate legal person to get the things done. The corporate can be government owned or a private owner person. But this kind of corporation will definitely be a big company. They will organize the share or the profit with the company employees. A privately owned company will have a shareholder and they give the share to the shareholder on a regular basis.
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